David Gilmour: Rattle That Lock CD/Blu-ray Deluxe Edition 2015 96kHz 24bit DTS-HD Master Audio 09-18-15 Release Date

Deluxe CD/Blu-ray box that features the CD package, along with a Blu-ray featuring 10 bonus audio-visual tracks, four bonus audio tracks, the complete album in Surround Sound, and memorabilia. Also includes a 32 page hard back photo/lyric book including artist photographs by Kevin Westenberg along with album session photographs by Polly Samson, a 48 page book 'Paradise Lost' (Book II), and memorabilia including a poster, postcard, signed pic and plectrum. 2015 solo album by David Gilmour, the voice and guitar of Pink Floyd.  
This is David's fourth solo album, and the first since 2006's # 1 album On An Island. The primary lyricist for Rattle That Lock is Gilmour's long-term writing partner, Polly Samson, and the album is co-produced by David Gilmour and Roxy Music s Phil Manzanera. The striking cover has been art directed by Dave Stansbie.  Animated Music Clips are beyond
description also a David Gilmour signed Guitar pick!  Ladies great gift for the Rocker in your life.  
David Gilmour
Rattle That Lock
18 September 2015
~ Discs:2  (1 CD 1 Blu-ray)
Sony ( SYQK )
Compact Disc

Track Listing

  Track # Title
1. 1 5 a.M
1. 2 Rattle That Lock
1. 3 Faces of Stone
1. 4 A Boat Lies Waiting
1. 5 Dancing Right in Front of Me
1. 6 In Any Tongue
1. 7 Beauty
1. 8 The Girl in the Yellow Dress
1. 9 Today
1. 10 And Then
2. 1 Barn Jam 1
2. 2 Barn Jam 2
2. 3 Barn Jam 3
2. 4 Barn Jam 4
2. 5 The Animators - Alisdair + Jock (Documentary on Makers of the "Rattle That Lock" Video)
2. 6 "Rattle That Lock" Video
2. 7 The Animators - Danny Madden (Documentary on Maker of "the Girl in the Yellow Dress" Video)
2. 8 "the Girl in the Yellow Dress" Video
2. 9 Polly Samson and David Gilmour at the Borris House Festival of Words and Ideas (Documentary on Their Creative Collaboration)
2. 10 The Making of the "Rattle That Lock" Album (Documentary)
2. 11 Audio - "Rattle That Lock" Extended Mix
2. 12 Audio - "the Girl in the Yellow Dress" Orchestral Version
2. 13 Audio - "Rattle That Lock" Youth Mix - 12' Extended Radio Dub
2. 14 Audio - "Rattle That Lock" Radio Edit
2. 15 The "Rattle That Lock" Album in 5.1 Surround Sound
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