Weather Report: Columbia Albums 1976-1982 (6CD Box Set) Import Holland 2021 Release Date: 2/26/2021

Six CD set. The Columbia Albums 1976-1982 anthologizes the Jaco Pastorius era of Weather Report. Black Market (1976), Heavy Weather (1977), Mr. Gone (1978), 8:30 (1979), Night Passage (1980), and Weather Report (1982) are packaged in Clamshell Box with wallets. Each disc features reproduced front and back artwork.

As detailed by liner notes author Richard Seidel, the box contains 12 bonus tracks, including all the cuts from the 2002 compilation Live and Unreleased that feature Pastorius, as well as material from the 1979 Havana Jam. The 20-page booklet also features full track-by-track credits and session data.



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