Cinderella: In Concert 1991 Heartbreak Tour Detroit (Remastered Edition) (DVD) AC-3, Dolby 2009 Release Date: 6/16/2009

This incredible concert DVD + Bonus CD documents exactly the kind of extraordinary performances that made Cinderella one of the biggest metal bands of the 80s. Filmed by a whole crew of cameras during the legendary 1991 Heartbreak Station Tour, when the boys were at the very height of their powers.

The show includes dramatic, live presentations of every song ever associated with the band: "Night Songs," "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)," "Nobody's Fool," "Shelter Me" and so many more. Plus, we've digitally remastered the audio tracks, formatted them into both 2.1 stereo as well as 5.1 surround and even included some never before seen photos in the gallery section. If you see only one concert this year, why not relive the glory days of hard rock's fairytale icons, all from the comfort of your own home theater. Hell, we hear Tom Keifer will even pause the show while you refill your beer mug! Now, that's my kind of concert!


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