Chris Botti: Live with Orchestra and Special Guests Wilshire Theatre PBS Special 2005 (Blu-ray) 2007 96kHz/24bit DTS-HD Master Audio

December 2005. Los Angeles, California. Trumpeter Chris Botti, on the heels of his break- through gold certified album "When I Fall In Love", and the record-breaking follow up "To Love Again", plays two triumphant shows at the Wilshire Theatre backed by a full orchestra and his virtuosic band. Rovi Rating: 

Playing repertoire mostly culled from these two hit albums, Chris is joined onstage by some of the world's most accomplished singers and musicians (in order of appearance) Sting, Jill Scott, Paula Cole, Burt Bacharach, Renee Olstead, Paul Buchanan and Gladys Knight. Filmed for the PBS Special "Chris Botti Live With Orchestra and Special Guests".   

Track listing: 

  1. Someone To Watch Over Me 
  2. When I Fall In Love 
  3. A Thousand Kisses Deep 
  4. What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life featuring Sting 
  5. Good Morning Heartache featuring Jill Scott 
  6. My One and Only Love featuring Paula Cole & Burt Bacharach 
  7. Pennies From Heaven featuring Renee Olstead 
  8. Are You Lonesome Tonight? Featuring Paul Buchanan 
  9. Lover Man featuring Gladys Knight 
  10. My Funny Valentine featuring Sting 
  11. Why Not 
  12. One For My Baby 
  13. Bows (Credits)

Chris Botti Live With Orchestra and Special Guests is presented on Blu-ray in 1080i high definition. I'm stunned at the level of detail on this disc. Depsite its presentation as an interlaced rather than a progressive 1080 image, reproduction of the source material is simply splendid. Blacks are some of the deepest I've seen, representing what all other discs of this or any type should strive for. While a dark image, there is some brightness thanks to the stage lighting. Purple is the dominant hue, and Chris Botti often appears on screen drenched in a pleasing, purple light. This image is very vibrant and proves to be an excellent showcase as to just what Blu-ray high definition is capable of. The level of detail on display here is fantastic. The viewers can see the wear on Botti's 1940s vintage Martin Committee trumpet as clearly as if they were holding it in their own hands. The resolution present in faces, clothing, and the crowd at large stands out as superb. In short, I couldn't have been more pleased with the image on this Blu-ray disc.

Like any good concert Blu-ray disc worth its salt, a high definition PCM uncompressed 5.1 soundtrack is included here, and it's a stunner. Fidelity is absolutely amazing. This may be the perfect soundtrack. It's second to none in in its ability to reproduce a natural, pleasing, yet powerful reproduction. Botti's trumpet playing is amazing, and it couldn't be any more realistic than if you were sitting in the front row of the audience. The highs and mid range of Botti's trumpet are so pleasing and so real that its uncanny. The lows of the percussion section of the orchestra are deep and powerful but never overtake Botti's primary instrument. The sound is all encompassing. The rear soundstage is fully active, creating a perfectly immersive Sound stage that must be heard to be believed. I'm now convinced that concerts are perhaps the ultimate demo material. 



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