Cheap Trick: The Very Best Of Cheap Trick CD 2009 14 Tracks

Playlist: The Very Best of Cheap Trick collects 14 tracks defined on the back jacket as "the life-changing songs, the out of print tracks, the hits, the fan favorites everyone loves, and the songs that make the artists who they are." With so many adequate Cheap Trick collections available (2000's Authorized Greatest Hits, 2004's Essential Cheap Trick, 2005's Very Best of Cheap Trick) 14 tracks of the same, of sheer, infectious rock & roll joy that emanates from songs like "Surrender," "Southern Girls," "I Want You to Want Me," "Way of the World," and "Dream Police." 

Track Listing

    Track # Title
    1 Surrender
    2 I Want You to Want Me (Live: the Complete Concert)
    3 He's a Whore
    4 On Top of the World
    5 Dream Police
    6 Downed
    7 Oh, Candy
    8 Way of the World
    9 Southern Girls (Single Version)
    10 If You Want My Love
    11 Voices
    12 She's Tight
    13 World's Greatest Lover
    14 Can't Stop Falling Into Love


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