Camel: Moondances [Import] (DVD) 1976 Release Date: 2/5/2008

NTSC/Region 0. DVD containing two concerts from the British Prog band, captured in 1976 and 1977. Camel Live in Concert at the Hammersmith Odeon, April 14, 1976: This long-lost recording was finally recovered in 2006. With the original lineup of Andrew Latimer, Doug Ferguson, the late Peter Barden's and Andy Ward, this recording was made during the promotion of Camel's 1976 album Moonmadness.

Camel Live in Concert at the Hippodrome, September 22, 1977: Featuring Latimer, Barden's, Ward, with Richard Sinclair and Mel Collins. Recording this special performance in the afternoon before their evening performance at London's Hammersmith Odon, this release was made possible by the courtesy of the BBC who have preserved countless such recordings from the past, never knowing how important they would one day become. This DVD also features two bonus audio recordings: 'Autumn' (1974) and 'Riverman' (1975).


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