Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare (Special Edition) 1975 DVD 2017 Release Date 9/8/17

This special edition DVD feature from Alice Cooper includes the 1976 concert film "Welcome To My Nightmare" and, appearing on DVD for the first time, the 1975 TV special "Alice Cooper: The Nightmare". 

"Alice Cooper: The Nightmare" is the rarely seen 1975 TV special that aired on ABC, in conjunction with the release of the legendary "Welcome To My Nightmare" album. The TV special stars Alice Cooper as Steven and Vincent Price as The Spirit of the Nightmare, and showcases every song from the "Welcome To My Nightmare" album, including Only Women Bleed, Department of Youth, Cold Ethyl and the title track.

"Welcome To My Nightmare" features hits and classic songs, including I'm Eighteen, School s Out, Only Women Bleed, No More Mr. Nice Guy and, of course, Welcome To My Nightmare. The nightmare vividly comes to life on the rock stage, bringing forth a plethora of skeletons, giant spiders, a cyclops, the "magic" movie screen and the voice of horrormeister Vincent Price, all designed to thrill you and keep you uneasy in your sleep.

Welcome To My Nightmare: 
1) The Awakening 
2) Welcome To My Nightmare 
3) Years Ago 
4) No More Mr. Nice Guy 
5) I'm Eighteen 
6) Some Folks 
7) Cold Ethyl 
8) Only Women Bleed 
9) Billion Dollar Babies 
10) Devil s Food 
11) The Black Widow 
12) Steven 
13) Escape 
14) School's Out 
15) Department Of Youth

The Nightmare: 
1) Welcome To My Nightmare 
2) Devil's Food 
3) Some Folks 
4) Only Women Bleed 
5) Cold Ethyl 
6) The Black Widow 
7) Years Ago 
8) Department Of Youth 
9) Years Ago (Reprise) 
10) Steven 
11) The Awakening 
12) Ballad Of Dwight Fry 
13) Escape 
14) The Awakening (Reprise)


Sold Out