Flora Purim's six-octave range has allowed her to explore areas that have made her the first singer to couple pure sound-singing with a hybrid of jazz-Latin-rock fusion. Raised in Rio with the stylized rhythms of Brazilian street music, she became known when taking up the than avant-garde sounds of bossa-nova. Arriving in the U.S. in 1968, she went on to work with such greats as Stan Getz, Gil Evans, Chick Corea's Return to Forever group and, of course, her husband, Airto. Flora began to reevaluate traditional forms of pop/jazz singing, shifting her voice from a lyric concentration to an emphasis on producing whatever sounds it took to communicate more freely with her audience. Today, she has perfected a vocal style that is unique.

Recoded in hi-fi stereo at the 1985 Queen Mary Jazz Festival, this live concert is a rhythmic, vocal and visual delight. .. a foot tapping experience to the sounds of Airto and Flora Purim, truly two of Latin America's Jazziest All-Stars.