5 Seconds Of Summer: Good Feels Good CD 2015 10-23-15 Release Date

5 Seconds of Summer-Sounds Good Feels Good
Sounds Good Feels Good is the 2015 follow-up to the band's chart-topping, self-titled debut album, which has sold more than three million copies worldwide. Sounds Good Feels Good sees the band collaborate again with rock veteran John Feldmann (All Time Low, Good Charlotte, Boys Like Girls), who executive produced the new, adrenaline-fueled album. Includes the single 'She's Kinda Hot'. 


    5 Seconds of Summer
    Sounds Good Feels Good
    23 October 2015
    ~ Discs:1
    Capitol ( CAP )
    Compact Disc
    D: CD

    Track Listing

      Track # Title
    1 Money
    2 She's Kinda Hot
    3 Hey Everybody!
    4 Permanent Vacation
    5 Jet Black Heart
    6 Catch Fire
    7 Waste the Night
    8 Vapor
    9 Castaway
    10 Fly Away
    11 Invisible
    12 Airplanes
    13 San Francisco
    14 Outer Space/Carry on
    # Title



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