Wilson Pickett & The Falcons: The Midnight Mover The Early Years 1957-62 Import CD 2015 07-10-15 Release Date 23 Tracks

Wilson Pickett & the Falcons-Midnight Mover:Early Years 1957-62
This collection could easily have been entitled "The Falcons Volume 2" following as it does chronologically from "The Falcons - Your So Fine 1956-1961" (JASCD223). The first 16 tracks on this CD feature the legendary Wilson Pickett either on lead vocals or background vocals with The Falcons. This is the first collection to gather together both sides of all the 45s he released up to 1962 and includes the Pickett written and led "I Found A Love" which became a major national hit helping to usher in the soul era. Full recording details for all tracks together with recording dates and musicians.


Wilson Pickett & the Falcons
Midnight Mover:Early Years 1957-62
R&B & Soul
Soul / R & B
10 July 2015
IMPORT-GBR ~ Discs:1 ~ Country:UK
Compact Disc

Track Listing

  Track # Title
1 Pow You'Re in Love
2 Feels Good
3 Billy the Kid
4 You'Re on My Mind
5 Anna
6 I Don't Want No Part Time Love
7 What to Do
8 I Ain't No Crying Man
9 I Found a Love
10 Swim
11 Short and Nappy
12 Skinny Girl
13 Lah Tee Lah Tah
14 Darling
15 Let's Kiss and Make Up
16 Take This Love I Got
17 Let Me Be Your Boy
18 My Heart Belongs to You
19 Christ's Blood
20 Call Him Up
21 Someone Is Waiting for Me
22 Every Year Carries a Number
23 Walk Through the Streets
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