Beyonce: I Am World Tour (DVD) 2010 16:9

Beyoncé I Am. . .World Tour blasts onto image in Widescreen 1.78:1 Aspect Ratio. For the most part, this is as spectacular looking a DVD as it is from a sonic perspective. The full  presentation gives this an impressively filmic look, with excellent fine detail, contrast and some wonderfully saturated colors. This is a dazzlingly sharp and clear concert Blu-ray.Rovi Rating:  


Beyoncé I Am. . .World Tour sounds fabulous, w is astoundingly vibrant, with virtually palpable low frequencies which will set your floorboards a-rumbling. But the overall mix is what's most impressive here, with brilliant use of discrete channels to offer the midrange and Beyoncé's highs with absolute clarity and precision. 

 STARRING: BeyoncéKanye WestDizzy BlondBeyonce KnowlesRyan ConnerKeishaWendi KnightJoel LawrencePat Myne



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