Tom Petty: An American Treasure Deluxe Edition 2 CD 26 Hit Tracks 2018 Release Date 9/28/18

Deluxe 2 CD edition. An American Treasure features 26 career spanning tracks chosen from the deluxe editions, as well as Bud Scoppa's detailed track-by-track.

This is the first posthumous release from Tom Petty and is a career-spanning collection that focuses on Petty as a great songwriter. The compilation includes many of Petty's hits, usually alternate or live versions, but also highlights some of his lesser known songs - especially from the WBR period 1995 on wards). It includes songs from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Tom Petty solo, and Mudcrutch. The compilation is generally sequenced chronologically, although there are some exceptions - mainly for live recordings.


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