The Doors: The Best Of The Doors 1985 (High Fidelity Pure Audio Only Blu-ray) HiRES 96/24 2024 Release Date: 7/12/2024


THE BEST OF THE DOORS limited-edition Blu-ray available in 5.1 surround sound features a Dolby Atmos mix, DTS HD 5.1, and DTS HD Master Stereo mixes. All mixed by The Doors’ original engineer Bruce Botnick. Originally released in 1985, the compilation included 19 singles and album tracks from the band’s first six records, including the No.1 hits “Light My Fire” and “Hello, I Love You.” The definitive hits album that’s sold over 10 million copies.


Break On Through (To The Other Side) [5.1 Mix]

Light My Fire (5.1 Mix)

The Crystal Ship (5.1 Mix)

People Are Strange (5.1 Mix)

Strange Days (5.1 Mix)

Love Me Two Times (5.1 Mix)

Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) [5.1 Mix]

Five to One (5.1 Mix)

Waiting For The Sun (5.1 Mix)

Spanish Caravan (5.1 Mix)

When The Music's Over (5.1 Mix)

Hello, I Love You (5.1 Mix)

Roadhouse Blues (5.1 Mix)

L.A. Woman (5.1 Mix)

Riders on the Storm (5.1 Mix)

Touch Me (5.1 Mix)

Love Her Madly (5.1 Mix)

The Unknown Soldier (5.1 Mix)

The End (5.1 Mix)

Break on Through (To the Other Side) [2017 Remaster]

Light My Fire (2017 Remaster)

The Crystal Ship (2017 Remaster)

People Are Strange (2017 Remaster)

Strange Days (2017 Remaster)

Love Me Two Times (2017 Remaster)

Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) [2017 Remaster]

Five to One (2018 Remaster)

Waiting for the Sun

When the Music's Over (2017 Remaster)

Hello, I Love You (2018 Remaster)

Roadhouse Blues

L.A. Woman

Riders on the Storm

Touch Me

Love Her Madly

The Unknown Soldier (2018 Remaster)

The End (2017 Remaster)

Break On Through (To The Other Side) [PCM Stereo]

Light My Fire (PCM Stereo)

The Crystal Ship (PCM Stereo)

People Are Strange (PCM Stereo)

Strange Days (PCM Stereo)

Love Me Two Times (PCM Stereo)

Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) [PCM Stereo]

Five to One (PCM Stereo)

Waiting For The Sun (PCM Stereo)

Spanish Caravan (PCM Stereo)

When The Music's Over (PCM Stereo)

Hello, I Love You (PCM Stereo)

Roadhouse Blues (PCM Stereo)

L.A. Woman (PCM Stereo)

Riders on the Storm (PCM Stereo)

Touch Me (PCM Stereo)

Love Her Madly (PCM Stereo)

The Unknown Soldier (PCM Stereo)

The End (PCM Stereo)


  • STARRING: The Doors
  • UPC: 603497827312
  • GENRE: Rock
  • RELEASE DATE: 7/12/2024
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