Robin Trower: Bridge of Sighs 1974 50th Anniversary Edition (3CD+Blu-ray HiRES Audio Only) Dolby Atmos Book Anniversary Edition) 2024 Release Date: 5/17/2024


Bridge of Sighs, Robin Trower's sophomore album following his departure from Procol Harum. Lauded critically, commercially a breakthrough, the album saw Robin push his trio's initial concept into exciting new territory. Accompanied by James Dewar on soulful vocal and bass duty and Reg Isidore underpinning their psychedelic blues sound with masterful drumming. Producer and former Procol Harum bandmate Matthew Fisher and Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick take on control room duties to help bring this stunning collection of songs together.

This 3CD/1Bluray expanded 50th anniversary edition contains the original remastered album, along with a newly mixed version of the album in Stereo and Atmos. These are unedited versions of tracks from the album, which were originally edited down to fit a side of a vinyl and presented here in full for the first time. Added to this, there are a selection of previously unreleased outtakes and alternative versions and a full live concert from the Record Plant in 1974 across 2 CDs. The Blu-ray contains the full 2024 Unedited Atmos version of the album, hi-res 96/24 version of the original 1974 mix, an instrumental version of the album, Record Plant 1974 and additional outtakes not featured on the CDs. Format: 3 CD/1 Blu-ray housed in a DVD style hardback book, with a 24-page booklet with new interviews conducted by David Sinclair, Robin Trower and producer Matthew Fisher, along with testimonials from Bryan Ferry, Robert Fripp, Steve Lukather, Clive Bunker, Andy Parker and previously unseen photographs.  


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