Julie London: Calendar Girl 1956 - (Limited Gatefold Jacket 180-Gram Vinyl LP) Spain Import 2023 Release Date: 12/22/2023


180-Gram Virgin Vinyl - Special Gatefold Edition - *AllMusic. Originally released by Liberty Records in 1956, on this iconic thematic Julie London album each of the first twelve tracks has a month in it's title, completing the album with a song entitled "Thirteenth Month". Two of the songs were composed especially for this set by London's future husband, Bobby Troup, who also produced the LP. 180-gram VIRGIN VINYL - SPECIAL GATEFOLD LIMITED EDITION - * AllMusic

  • LABEL: Soundsgood
  • UPC: 8436563184840
  • GENRE: Jazz
  • RELEASE DATE: 12/22/2023
  • PRODUCT ID: SSGO6318484.1




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