Stevie Nicks: Live In Chicago 2007 Soundstage PBS (DVD) 2008 16:9 DTS 5.1 Release Date 3/31/2009

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This is Stevie Nicks and her band at their best!!!! This is one super outstanding concert dvd. Everything is first class!!! The atmosphere is great and the audience is really into it, making this one special concert!!! You get 17 great songs, plus a bonus track. Stevie does an excellent job of explaining the background or "story" behind the songs she performs. Her lead guitar player is simply outstanding, and the background singers are great. 

The songs are as follows:

Stand Back


If Anyone Falls in Love


Crash Into Me - the Dave Matthews Song, and Stevie does an excellent job performing it.



The One

Gold Dust Woman

I Need to Know - The Tom Petty Song, Again, an outstanding performance by Stevie.

Circle Dance

Landside - This one she dedicates to her late father. During the Song there are pictures of him on the big screens. Stevie does an excellent tribute to him. You can feel Stevie's sencerity. "This one's for you Daddy" and again, Stevie does an excellcent perfomance.


Fall From Grace

How Still My Love

Edge of Seventeen (Simply Outstanding!!!!)

Rock & Roll 

The total running time is approximately 119 minutes. You get a bonus track of "Landslide" (Orchestra Version), and it is very good also. Overall, this is Stevie Nicks at her best!!! If you like Stevie, you'd better buy this one, because it doesn't get any better than this. 




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